A designer, developer and creative coder. Also musician.

Andrei Eremin

A Rails-based CMS for artist / producer / superhero Andrei Eremin.

I really, really like the artwork for Andrei Eremin's EP Pale Blue, so when he approached me to collaborate on a site together I was thrilled to bring it to life.

As a grammy-nominated engineer, Andrei has worked on a huge number of records—a list that is growing all the time. Backed by ActiveAdmin and Rails, the site gives him the ability to manage, order and update his work based on his current needs.

We used Git to manage version control and deployments, meaning Andrei could easily make updates to text without having to fiddle with FTP or anything horrible like that.

With a focus on mobile-friendly features (I'm frowning at you, lazy loading) and gesture based navigation, the site lets the artwork of each release shine while embracing the aestetic of Andrei's brand.

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