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Charlie Gleason

Designer, developer, creative coder, and musician

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I've been fortunate enough to talk to a bunch of clever, funny, interesting, and generous people about technology, design, art, and generative coding.

Below is a list of the podcasts I've been a part of (primarily so I can keep track of them).

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  • The New Definition of Front End Development
    Over the last ten years, frontend development has grown exponentially. The web of 2010 was predominantly powered by PHP, and JavaScript was an immature language lacking tooling and best practices. Ben Vinegar and I reflect on how frontend development has evolved over time.

  • A Podcast About Podcasts
    The team behind the Heroku podcast, Code[ish], sit together to talk about how we made it. Jennifer Hooper, David Routen, Satoshi Nagano, Chris Castle, and I provide background, recommendations, and lessons learnt, for anyone curious to start their own podcast.

  • Designing with Lynn Fisher
    Lynn Fisher has been designing websites for over 15 years, working on art projects and illustrations that push the capabilities of design and frontend development. She's also an incredible artist, creative, and human being. We got together to explore her methodologies and interests in making unique web projects.

  • Active For Good
    During a time of uncertainty, it can be helpful to remember that opportunities to provide help are all around us. One such group with a unique approach to philanthropy is Active for Good—an app which tracks the number of calories you burn, and in exchange, donates a meal packet to malnourished children. Troy Hickerson, Luke Mysse and I discuss their work, inspiration, and the realities of what "good tech" can look like.

  • Pursuing a Career in Tech
    Rails developer David Routen and I sit down to share our advice on creating a career in tech, whether you come from a programming background, or you’re just starting out and are interested in learning more.

  • Performance Tuning: Critical Rendering Path
    In modern web development, there are two key factors which dictate how quickly your page loads—the first is part depends on the server, and the second on the client. Ben Harding, a developer at Raygun, and I look at how to analyze and fine tune these critical rendering paths.

  • Books, Art, and Zombies: How to Survive in Today's World
    As shelter-in-place orders increase around the world, the challenges in keeping yourself safe in quarantine are becoming more apparent. There are disruptions to all of our routines, whether you're a child missing your friends from school or an adult balancing work with household responsibilities. Margaret Francis and I discuss the ways in which we are keeping hope and happiness alive with our families.

  • From Internship to Job Placement
    Year Up is an organization which unites highly motivated young adults with companies that have job opportunities available. It does so by offering a year-long course for qualified students: six months of training followed by a six month internship placement. I interview Luis Alvarez, a recent graduate, about his experience going through the Year Up program and how he was able to land a contract at Salesforce.

  • The Difference Engine
    Every year, thousands of adults join coding bootcamps in the hopes of gaining a job in tech. But knowing how to program is only part of the equation, and all too often individuals from underrepresented backgrounds don't get the same opportunities as their peers. Kimberly Lowe-Williams, founder and Executive Director of The Difference Engine, and Rachel Marro, a recent graduates, join me to talk about the project, its goals, and their experiences.

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  • High Energy, Low Power: A Bluetooth Christmas Story
    Chris Castle has a two year nephew who, like most two year olds, likes pushing buttons. Chris was experimenting with Puck.js, a programmable low-power bluetooth button, and had a brainwave—he could combine his nephew's love of buttons, and of lights. A true Christmas miracle.

  • Generative Artistry
    Ruth John and Tim Holman and I discuss my journey into creative coding, and the things I've built—a winding road through Actionscript, sound engineering, computer science, graphic design, and generative art.

  • Behind the Brand with Heroku's Lead Designer
    Heroku’s head of product marketing and developer relations, Vikram Rana, and I chat about finding inspiration and choosing tools, navigating morality and ethics, and how the team at Heroku approaches design, brand, and working together.

  • The Agony and Ecstacy of Maintaining Good Documentation
    Lead strategist for documentation behind the Heroku platform Stephen Barlow and I dive into why spending time on documentation isn't just valuable, but's necessary.

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